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Brent Lohaus

@engrcleo Search Google Flights (if you haven’t already) for finding the cheapest flights overall. I do like Spirit… https://t.co/9w32Ew0rkq


44 minutes ago

Triple H Tackling Academy

RT @GregGreglyon05: @PeakSpecialists Don’t be fooled. He was talking diversity. See Michigan coaches in ATL every summer recruiting trave…


50 minutes ago

Elmano Gonsalves

@montyamason The thing is that you have to actively search for these articles ranking Oakland as a travel destinati… https://t.co/6J7JQ12Rul


1 hour ago

J. Oates

@ReynoldsWrap Heard you need someone to travel and taste test the tastiest ribs.. You can call off the search; I'm… https://t.co/kngYiIVXGq


1 hour ago

Bonzi Buddy

"The more we browse, search, and travel the internet, the smarter I'll become! Not that I'm not already smart!"


1 hour ago

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Lee Zeldin

.@AOC needs to stop trying to draw these crayon parallels between POTUS & Hitler! Try working WITH your colleagues… https://t.co/Jh0BuLJQUC


7 hours ago

Jon Stone

explain this, tories: if 59% of you are happy to see Irish reunification as the price of Brexit, why were you all s… https://t.co/loppqnBBRN


14 hours ago

Bernie Sanders

“It’s demeaning. It’s demoralizing. It’s unjust.” That's what a rigged political system looks like. As a House memb… https://t.co/qV793XxjaN


1 day ago


@VulcanSSB @CorazonPeach That's the song which plays at that place and two other similar places in 4th gen pokemon.… https://t.co/QY4CiFPyPq


just now

Champagne Papi ⏺️

RT @KemiOkeleke: Help me search for my nephew. Got missing on Saturday 15th at Ilasa. He's the only child of his mother. Call 07080313277,…


just now

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