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Bonzi Buddy

"The more we browse, search, and travel the internet, the smarter I'll become! Not that I'm not already smart!"


1 hour ago


@Noma_Mpuntshe Ok then you can search around Toti , Folweni , Umbumbulu, Kingsburg,Isipingo or Umlazi. Unless you e… https://t.co/lUYKMw30th


1 hour ago

Lowbrow Highbrow

@NalaWu I give you 3: A bunch of weirdos travel the multiverse because they have nothing better to do. A bunch of w… https://t.co/y3MrpfgcQu


1 hour ago

Asia Bella💕

As I said, all the shicca after the n'1s had gears that allowed them to travel through space and time. But while th… https://t.co/gmAtP8pyb9


1 hour ago

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Pradeep Bhandari(प्रदीप भंडारी)

Hands on collar and abuses is the price I had to pay to call Sharjeel Imam a traitor. But listen each and everyone… https://t.co/MMbxpuT2Su


1 day ago

David Corn

I am certain he was the most qualified person in the entire nation for the job and was selected only after a long a… https://t.co/WlpCOhzmgA


1 day ago

Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330)

No family in search of a better life should be denied permanent residency because they don't meet Donald Trump's we… https://t.co/s4UAF4DDEY


20 hours ago

Candice J. Cichocki

RT @mschlapp: Fed up w/ Nancy Pelosi's #HouseImpeachmentManagers and their fishing expedition in search of non-existent criminality? @RepDe…


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