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I wanna help the chairman travel in search of stick pals. You have my aid my friend :D Go forth and find new peep… https://t.co/VBVmOUnfCN


3 minutes ago

Bonzi Buddy

"The more we browse, search, and travel the internet, the smarter I'll become! Not that I'm not already smart!"


28 minutes ago

Jack Travers

@Unschuld_Faust "Pleasure to meet you too, Hitomi! Lovely name~" Breaking the grip as well, he slid his hand into… https://t.co/zS1gkD3Gl9


2 hours ago

Peta-Anne Baker

Like you I stock up when I travel. Some of the Ayrton oils aren't great. I mainly use their lavender. I've tried 1… https://t.co/wEodaLWTSt


2 hours ago

Search For Life on Mars Book

RT @howellspace: I'm coming to your bookshelves in 2020! ... Following Canada's history of astronauts for @ecwpress ... Seeking time tra…


7 hours ago

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Yes, yes, yes! Also, to stress: normalise whatever ‘luxury’ means to YOU. If it’s being curled up with a good book,… https://t.co/FgG1EnC9Cw


1 day ago

Biplab Kumar Deb

Rahul Gandhi ji, Please tell us for what price the Villain of Bhopal Gas tragedy Warren Anderson was allowed to l… https://t.co/nHspjehcgd


17 hours ago

スカーロイ 🚂

シャワー🚿やってきました‼️ やっぱね、夏の井戸水は冷たく- て最高なのよ。 シャキッと身体を〆ることが出来ました。 引- き続き洗濯開始🌀


just now

Monica Waterhouse

RT @BeauWillimon: I’m enraged that teachers and the families they serve are being put in this position. Trump goes out of its way to save c…


just now

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