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GMA Network

Victor Magtanggol star Janice Hung shows off some wushu moves which she will use for the show's heroic finale. https://t.co/xDmYGd1SNT


18 hours ago

China Xinhua News

Chinese Kungfu bridges China-Brunei friendship! Chinese coach helps train Brunei's first national Wushu team attrac… https://t.co/vifm5X3jVF


18 hours ago

Skyler Samuels

Actually I have a degree from Stanford & I’m trained in wushu sword fighting. Instead of using your time to write b… https://t.co/SvtOP6cn36


1 week ago

Aritha van Herk

RT @PerformingArtUC: A dance show featuring hip hop, jazz, krump, funk, highland, wushu and MORE. Celebrate Calgary's rich dance community…


11 minutes ago


RT @kfwacademy: Great to see my #Team and my friends from 🇫🇷. Ready for ⚔️ Chinese Martial Arts Competition 🥊 tomorrow with @ukshaolintempl…


22 minutes ago

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