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Alex von Tunzelmann

Compare & contrast: daily schedules for Mark Wahlberg & Hunter S. Thompson. Your essay topic for today is the const… https://t.co/yujakGk26D


1 week ago

Francis Bacon

RT @realparkerross: You can learn a lot by studying the habits of successful people. Here we see the daily routines of: 1. Mark Walberg, a…


6 hours ago

Hunter Eitel

The Senators are an interesting organization to write about, and there’s always something to discuss. This time it’… https://t.co/1ICUD3BoFT


10 hours ago


@piratemcplunder @gcochran99 @The_Petrichory @mark_melbin @s_decatur @Fourth_stage @JayMan471 @charlesmurray… https://t.co/uz3yjJDNhi


14 hours ago

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Michael Del Moro

Ford’s requests made by her attorney, per NBC News: -Hearing Thurs. earliest -Kavanaugh testifies first -Kavanaugh… https://t.co/Vmc07i4JSK


23 hours ago

Ammar Campa-Najjar

Indicted congressman Duncan Hunter is paying for ads to what should be his base - @FoxNews - to defend his embarras… https://t.co/OUVMQhfRIw


1 day ago

Peter Egan

What a dismal creep. Pls watch and share : Trophy hunter who has killed 100 species insists she is helping animals https://t.co/vRTDNmDKcY


16 hours ago

Fake News Pundit

RT @_RatAssassin: Anyone else getting tired of hearing, "Anonymous Sources" when listening to or reading news? You either have sources and…


just now


RT @CNN: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will donate $10 million to women's advocacy groups after an independent investigation found a lo…


just now

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