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Susan Hall AM

Do as I say, not as I do ... https://t.co/WafftUoUpz


1 week ago

Daily Star

Human bones and ashes unearthed at Nazi massacre site dubbed 'Death Valley', expert says https://t.co/kOGAzUGUif https://t.co/BLkvfOa4rJ


46 minutes ago

Daily Star

#ThisMorning viewers fuming as Holly and Phil's ITV set gets Christmas makeover https://t.co/JjF8A8F- eLS


40 seconds ago

Daily Star

Rescue dog who 'loves cuddling' transforms owner's life in just one week https://t.co/boMLaJRlPF https://t.co/i5fJLJ37Wc


48 seconds ago

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Donald J. Trump

Covid, Covid, Covid is the unified chant of the Fake News Lamestream Media. They will talk about nothing else until… https://t.co/SKXJD662a5


10 hours ago

Senator Rand Paul

In the last month in the US we experienced double the amount of daily COVID infections but half as many daily death… https://t.co/27jzNJIuY8


1 day ago


\第6弾/ #原神 リリース記念キャンペーン 1日目 オリジナルグッズやAmazonギフト券が当たるチャ- ンス! ▼参加方法 ①@Genshin_7をフォロー ②- 本ツイートをRT ③その場で結果が届く 11月4日(水)- 23:59… https://t.co/ld85zbCRm3


7 hours ago


RT @gtconway3d: This is a billboard-quality news item. https://t.co/eYJ2PXibuQ


just now

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