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Shaun King

After the Austin bomber murdered Anthony Stephan House 20 days ago, his family said police tried to frame Stephan f… https://t.co/6FKdwAI4qf


1 day ago

José Antonio Kast

Nuevamente la intolerancia le ha ganado a las ideas. Pero esta vez, no ha sido la censura administrativa, sino qu… https://t.co/fB66f91hhk


1 day ago

Ari Melber

What's not in Zuckerberg's 937-word statement: No pledge to address Congress No discussion of regulation No reck… https://t.co/XRGht8xynA


1 day ago

Megan Pell

RT @UDCDS: Register for Artfest now! CDS and Art Therapy Express are thrilled to host this free community art event which will offer indivi…


just now


RT @4eHStyles: Mr. @Harry_Styles you really brighten up my days. I haven't met you, you don't even know I exist, yet you manage to restore…


just now

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