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Kyle Griffin

The Trump admin is planning to eliminate a vast trove of medical guidelines that for nearly 20 years has been a cri… https://t.co/qyKEl1sTmU


12 hours ago

Philip Rucker

After reading a script earlier this week stating that Russia meddled and he has full faith in the U.S. intelligence… https://t.co/UkJmFmfvRh


15 hours ago

Norm Eisen

"All a big hoax"? So you are back to denying the conclusion of your own intelligence community and embracing Putin'… https://t.co/aZJTTVvadl


14 hours ago

Brian D. Hartford

RT @JaquelineSnowe: This sounds cheesy--but the writing community on twitter is INCREDIBLE. It helps so much to hear everyone's struggles,…


just now

King Yoongi

@LIKEASTAR_SUGA Omg thank you for sharing these 😭😭 My king and my baby bun Yoongles Kookie 🐢 🐰 @BTS_twt


just now

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