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Proyecto Alborada

📆2019/01/20 Today @ Home 🏡 🌤22 #solarpanels (5.50 kW) ⚡ENERGY = 24.83 kWh 😷CO₂ = 18.474 kg ⛽Gasoline = 7.87 l 🛢Oil… https://t.co/bX3rJq6ajU


35 minutes ago

San Diego Co. APCD

Curious what your carbon footprint is? Check out the EPA’s carbon footprint calculator here:… https://t.co/dwpzqVKihq


1 hour ago

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#NH plans for #climate change https://t.co/BIB9qq9Std


2 hours ago

Mary Kate

EPA Plans to Award Nearly $6 Million to Protect, Restore and Maintain the Health of the Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem https://t.co/LvD7Tsxk6I


2 hours ago

Nathan Stevens

I normalized the EPA Light-Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy Trends using the 2017 NHTS Weighted Vehicle Occupancy Factors… https://t.co/7S91QNoPgn


3 hours ago

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@JohalSean @irvingact3 After Richard Nixon created The Environmental Protection Agency one of their first acts was… https://t.co/w5agcIYa3c


1 day ago

Michael Blumenthal

On December 11, 2018, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and United States Department of the A… https://t.co/W7rR2In8cP


4 days ago

Just the FACTS

EPA at a 30-year low for referring pollution cases for criminal prosecution: Enlarge / Acting Administrator of the… https://t.co/zz66Bdy6hI


5 days ago

RSS Reader

Ars EPA at a 30-year low for referring pollution cases for criminal prosecution https://t.co/Kk7IxxtmTR Enlarge /… https://t.co/WplPqIYsCL


5 days ago

Bobby Parsons

RT @MikeGib72630221: @CharlieDaniels Totally Agree Sir, Does this also include the new EPA director, who was a coal lobbyist? Andrew R. Whe…


5 days ago

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