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boray öztürk

@ukoc061907 @Slymn_fhm https://t.co/L52eR8CDO3


5 hours ago

Fahmi Imam Mujadid

RT @dimasnovriandi: 190 universitas di dunia memberikan 600 kursus online GRATIS dengan berbagai bidang ilmu! Silakan klik daftar lengkapny…


6 hours ago

Muhammad H’ann

RT @firdhausamin: @citizenmalaysia @MsiaChronicle @staronline @NST_Online Kalau mcm ni la negara kita punya future, x jadi apa la, barisan…


8 hours ago

Ahmad Dhaus

@citizenmalaysia @MsiaChronicle @staronline @NST_Online Kalau mcm ni la negara kita punya future, x jadi apa la, ba… https://t.co/CgpYZPSykD


10 hours ago

Nazyrul Azman

@mieza_s Ya la. Bljr tulis dulu, so at least klaw kau dgr2 apa kau bleh pickup syllables. Cari pdf textbook online… https://t.co/GMGBMQhtUx


1 day ago

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Peter Burns

Butch Jones smoking a victory cigar after beating the team that is paying him $200,000 a month until 2021 is peak C… https://t.co/hPxZPa3BMC


22 hours ago

Kyle Griffin

Employees at Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest owner of television stations in the U.S., say that the company o… https://t.co/50Dy61A0Pl


1 day ago

Michael Beschloss

In Saturday Night Massacre 45 years ago tonight, Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus quit rather than carry… https://t.co/QSlF0dofUL


1 day ago

Ryan Williams-Jent

RT @WatermarkOnline: Tampa Theater is bringing the tricks and the tricks this Halloween season. Read all about it in our latest issue on ne…


just now


RT @zinojl: online online online online o- nline saiu e não respondeu https://t.co/ujX5E- lek4x


just now

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