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شو مشكلة MtV مع الأرقام والمراتب ؟ كل يوم بتعمل Reportage عن عدد مشاهدين بشهر رمضان شو هالعقد النفسية اللي راكبتن ب… https://t.co/t8m9KbFAy2


1 week ago

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John McCain

Sent letter w/ @ChrisCoons urging the admin to withdraw nomination of Ronald Mortensen to lead US refugee & migrati… https://t.co/UF4BTaUBZt


17 hours ago


A school in Virginia will change its name from that of a Confederate general to Barack Obama Elementary School https://t.co/aeHdeuZBY8


1 day ago

Michael Avenatti

Mr. Trump and Mr. Miller: Can you take 2 min. today and listen to this audio so perhaps you can understand the pain… https://t.co/TleUsw3zRE


1 day ago

Monster Beaver

Here are some of them Nazis. https://t.co/34E6GfpsFt https://t.co/Kg3YSSaU4M


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