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🐻🐦Doctor Nikki Quacksler (B-DAY in 15 days!)🦎🦇

@BrendanPoepple5 @WyomingParmesan @xSunnyEclipse @CPucelli @Devian141 @Animated_Antic @RedheadXilamGuy… https://t.co/SekKy40j45


20 hours ago

Jeff Webb

@MalkymLesdrae @DavidAFrench Wow, you're just a real paragon of non-partisan objectivity, aren't ya? Sheesh.


23 hours ago

Joycenator Gaming

@IzzyGoneCrazy @EpicGames Wow, it’s almost like we’ve seen this from them before (talking about Paragon)


1 day ago

jim haigh

RT @PBanding: @jmhaigh @PBRproductions @TwoSidesNA @KeepMePostedNA Wow thank you @jmhaigh! You’re a true paragon of print! Haha that be awe…


1 day ago

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