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Game Informer

EA pledges total freedom for studios with game developing, including Dragon Age 4, the future of Mass Effect, Titan… https://t.co/UZpHAnSjqp


7 hours ago

Game Informer

A new Elden Ring trailer has been floating around this morning and while it's blurry and poor quality, that hasn't… https://t.co/OJIFOZNfCV


8 hours ago

Game Informer

One Spore player recreated almost 50 Pokemon in the game and it is as equally terrifying as it is hilarious. Jus… https://t.co/To4pVJTR6p


3 hours ago

Malice Witch

RT @gameinformer: EA is prioritizing the next Battlefield game which is slated for an end of the year release. This also means that the upc…


2 minutes ago

Malice Witch

RT @gameinformer: Yakuza: Like A Dragon launches on PS5 tomorrow, and new players can learn what to expect by reading our original review o…


3 minutes ago

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Shuhei Yoshida

Sifu, An Exciting New Martial-Arts Game, Premieres During State Of Play - Game Informer https://t.co/BeNnhB6Jls


4 days ago

Sarah Bell

A Promising Trajectory. #games #game #gamer https://t.co/WrUDx0s3ex https://t.co/3OwM6aXL4m


4 minutes ago

Nathaniel Foga

@Nick_Astalos That reminds me of the time I found this rad game informer magazine at a convention I went to . https://t.co/Ivq0xFuASv


53 minutes ago

Video Games Briefly

Somebody Recreated Pokemon In Spore And It's Terrifyingly Hilarious (Game Informer) Just because you can do someth… https://t.co/I912zmisqN


3 hours ago

Corey Motley

@tayloremrey Same! There was one Game Informer one (based in Minneapolis) I came so close to applying for but never… https://t.co/xw07uw6wlO


4 hours ago

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