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The Humbugger

According to @Open_Critic RDR2 on PC is the EXACT same game as the version released on PS4 a year ago. Despite the… https://t.co/FlOD4RuLwI


6 days ago

Orbital Drop Strike Gorgonite

-thinner, longer, shrapnel style pipe bombs made with shotgun shell parts. I'd rework it as that cause frankly ther… https://t.co/cEpBHCAs8G


1 week ago

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Elon Musk

If life is a video game, the graphics are great, but the plot is confusing & the tutorial is way too long


1 hour ago


TOKYO ✌🏼 舞台裏の映像はもう観てくれましたか? YouTubeで今すぐチェックしてみてね! Have you watched the Tokyo behind the scenes video yet? Check it… https://t.co/JtI11G7cUP


9 hours ago


\本日最終日!/ ローソンからクリスマスの #Lチキ無料プレゼント !フォロー&リツイートで10日間連続!毎日1万名様にLチキ- が当たる♪23:59までのラストチャンス! #ローソン #エルチキ #クリスマスボックス… https://t.co/XWXAyZSKaK


7 hours ago


RT @lylyflower2007: Y hacer un vídeo para monetizarlo sin importar que en la coyuntura actual, los expone a presión mediática por no decir…


just now

North London Nigel

@LGoonerHoward And what about those people who spend a year scraping together the £200 or £300 for 2 or 3 people to… https://t.co/bzuy7TXe2M


just now

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