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Yellie ♏️

Just got finish watching #BirdBox with @red_rose327 , ⁠ ⁠ I really enjoy that movie 🍿 remind me of the movie… https://t.co/usPNJq9nA4


6 days ago


RT @HelsHorror: I loved this movie 🖤 #thecrazies #fearthyneighbor #horror #horrormovie #horrorfan #🖤 https://t.co/DGOC3dOZjY


1 week ago

Crookshank Studios

RT @HelsHorror: I loved this movie 🖤 #thecrazies #fearthyneighbor #horror #horrormovie #horrorfan #🖤 https://t.co/DGOC3dOZjY


1 week ago

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Jon Cooper

Trump is running television ads to ask people to call 800-350-6647 and press 1 to DEMAND that Pelosi and Schumer fu… https://t.co/QUHR7A8FE3


1 day ago

David Hogg

It's kinda funny how the same people that call us snowflakes for not wanting to be shot in school can be this mad at a razor.


1 day ago

Piers Morgan

Hi Amber, Thanks for ordering a man to 'shut up' when he's defending masculinity. And congrats on your success wit… https://t.co/Ot2OZ7mmaD


1 day ago


RT @MarkCCrowley: Perhaps even more compelling now than when he wrote this over a year ago, the Dalai Lama's assertion that we need to educ…


just now


RT @Rita_OM1984: Rakyat Malaysia banyak malas membaca dan sbnrnya aku loya bila tgok DSNR mcm xda rasa bersalah tu. No wonder Jho Low can…


just now

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