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Luke “Laughter” Allen

#TheCrazies is worth a rewatch. (Ive been on a real zombie movie/end of the world movie tear) Also, Timothy Olyph… https://t.co/9ljmG8o8vl


3 hours ago


Checking for elevated temperatures at work now. #COVIDー19 #coronavirus I thought it was dejavú then realized I saw… https://t.co/sGvNN9dSYX


15 hours ago

Stephanie Kyle

Quarantined movie # 16 #TheCrazies https://t.co/bvPRyp4iX5


2 days ago

Three Angry Nerds

Our movie club movie this week is George A Romero's #TheCrazies https://t.co/qRKpaeMOYZ


2 days ago


RT @BigDawg801: You’re stuck at home. We’re stuck at home. So here’s our TV & movie recommendations: https://t.co/nF4YTBCg83 Enjoy! #On…


4 days ago

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Gary Grumbach

NEWS: Sen. @BernieSanders is going to keep all Sanders campaign staffers on the campaign's health care plan through… https://t.co/Zd8tFtvuYT


12 hours ago

Glenn Kirschner

Valuable information from a true public servant regarding what she learned in a phone call w/VP Pence. The low poin… https://t.co/mmj6N7Kis1


12 hours ago

Patricia Castaneda

[Exclusive investigative report] The first documentary movie on the orig... https://t.co/aoqtyy5cG9 via @YouTube Must watch!!


just now

David Pecotić

Say that the leaves are harvested when they have rotted into the mold. Call that profit. Prophesy such returns. Put… https://t.co/mphgwC0PdK


just now

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