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RT @Tmc1650: @millionkilos Oh! No! I dated a couple crazies, though they were fun for the first 30 days, I soon realized 1 day of fun equ…


2 hours ago

Tom McDonald\⭐️⭐️⭐️

@millionkilos Oh! No! I dated a couple crazies, though they were fun for the first 30 days, I soon realized 1 day… https://t.co/wM8R2BaOEX


2 hours ago

Nobby Nomad

#Bales2019FilmChallenge Day 12; Lots of crazy people in movie... The ensemble known as 'The Crazies' from The Pred… https://t.co/UGQ0rhubrS


8 hours ago

Mr. 240p

@elmer_e_ortiz @wicketwarwick @Lin_Manuel I think he wants more Mexicans to movie to NY and Miami? Can't be sure..… https://t.co/51lWBGm7ux


14 hours ago

Nate Townsend

@TheStaceyRoy Oh, I wouldn’t get out to do those activities. Haha These are the hours the crazies escape from Walma… https://t.co/UGhZz8sDxO


23 hours ago

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Donald Trump Jr.

What (conveniently) no one is saying about IG Horowitz’s testimony today is that while he said in the report there… https://t.co/9BED8G26eQ


15 hours ago

Jesse McLaren

Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. He sneaks around a tower at night avoiding Alan Rickman. It’s a Harry Potter movie.


1 day ago

Meena Harris

When you return to the Senate in a bubble gum pink blazer to call for the investigation of misconduct committed by… https://t.co/BvpGpxCx9b


11 hours ago

Niklas Höhne

Happy to jump on a call with @ScottMorrisonMP to explain him the method of our @Germanwatch @newclimateinst… https://t.co/32JEgRGrgD


just now


RT @t2blive: #MegastarChiranjeevi #SyeRaaNarasimhaReddy Tamil Dub TRP Rating Created Sensational Record for Telugu Dub Movies... Movie Got…


just now

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