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HORROR 70-80-90

Buongiorno! - Good morning! #horror #movie #70s #georgeromero #thecrazies #lacittàverràdistruttaallalba https://t.co/wcIL8MRuFn


1 week ago

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Kodak Black

Fresh out the bing... that boy @chrisbrown just dropped 10 racks on my books, that’s love.


12 hours ago

Ballbonic Plague™

Win or lose it is now every Cavs reporter’s responsibility to ask Kevin Love after game what exactly he was doing h… https://t.co/eCfLqS8vrY


5 hours ago


Things usually don't make me emotional, like watching movies or whatever, but burn the stage is going to leave me a… https://t.co/ieooWEgiQm


just now


ゴメンね😥遅れた😥 202💖 ゆうタイム💖 姉さん的存在💖- @aoisorawomiaget https://t.co/0T7L16h752


just now

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