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Modern Casting

Sudden failure of a critical piece of equipment––and the ensuing loss of production––is a powerful catalyst for a c… https://t.co/sNSG949E2g


7 hours ago

Modern Casting

Upgrading Adalet’s foundry with productivity-boosting automation and sophisticated technology has accomplished two… https://t.co/HftOHFwSfp


10 hours ago

Alexandria Trusov

CRM is critical to your sales process. And it doesn't have to be complicated. What is CRM? | Modern Casting https://t.co/OmrwNphbAq


18 hours ago

American Foundry Society

.@FEF_INC schools are not only educating future industry personnel; future educators are also being trained at thos… https://t.co/p3dKq7FU8F


3 days ago

American Foundry Society

🎥 See solutions in action with these leading N. American ferrous and non-ferrous suppliers on Video Central:… https://t.co/rbH2jDmj9I


4 days ago

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全国战乱不息,农田荒芜。诗人呼吁把甲胄铸作农具,让每寸土地- 都能够得到耕作,百姓安居乐业。国外有《把剑铸成犁》的现代雕- 塑。大诗人杜甫在一千多年以前,就已经用诗的形式把这种反战思- 想艺术地体现出来了。铜铁应当做成犁、锄,服务于和平生活,现- 在却做了杀人的武器、防身的铠甲。


1 week ago