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Kelly Weill

My boyfriend found the most unsettling Google Maps glitch and it is my grim duty to share it with you. https://t.co/YU3fReuXjK


1 week ago

Tha N.E.R.D.S.T.A.R.

RT @GrowUrStartup: 6 companies developing flying cars: @Uber, @Google, @Airbus... #Tech #Innovation https://t.co/nNTvEXZhNP


16 minutes ago

Social Brief Info

Sarah Huckabee Sanders called "butch queen" by Daily Beast writer and the left is silent - Fox News https://t.co/OAzBrEQ5uo


24 minutes ago

Social Brief Info

Republicans in the dark on big Obamacare vote - Politico https://t.co/gCWAdl6RHT


39 minutes ago


De la realitate la teoria conspirației: Google, Facebook și alții pot afla tot ce discuți https://t.co/RN0MzDSEtT


51 minutes ago

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Beau Willimon

Well done Poland! You marched and made your voices heard. Power to the People. #PolandDefendsDemocra- cy https://t.co/jSzx25sGLG


10 hours ago

Sam Wang

Clinton won national popular vote by 2.1%, while House Republicans won by 1.1%. Seems Trump was a drag on the ticke… https://t.co/nWqE6JUOVY


20 hours ago


This is the most ridiculous piece of paid and fake news in recent times.Where is media credibility going?All they n… https://t.co/c24cvoE5LY


1 day ago

Nena Plys

X-P :S https://t.co/E3HF8RMjea


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10 seconds ago

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