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Dwayne Johnson

In honor of tonight’s @WWE’s #RAW25. Most important moment in RAW history. On this night we became the #1 wrestling… https://t.co/FXPfLIRFCb


12 hours ago

Jeff Benjamin

America's top-selling K-pop albums for the week of January 20, 2018, according to @Billboard's World Albums chart:… https://t.co/cppRaWxh38


1 day ago

Planned Parenthood

Sarah Weddington was 27 when she argued Roe v. Wade — the youngest person ever to win in the Supreme Court. Today… https://t.co/MTFqvs0Ajb


19 hours ago

Erica Mullins

RT @RightWingAngel: The world and people in your world are changed by your love, honor, integrity and the example you set. Not by your opin…


just now

Mbudhu Qomuh

RT @BBCAfrica: George Weah has taken the oath of office, meaning the former footballer is now Liberia's president https://t.co/DbCewZWmK5 h…


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Garry Kasparov

If the US is serious about stopping a real danger from abroad, it should build a better firewall, not a bigger bord… https://t.co/Nf0xy5b4Bx


13 hours ago

Ronald Klain

I worked for two Democratic VPs; @BillKristol was CoS for VP Quayle. None of them would have given a speech like t… https://t.co/rwVNNvJYMg


1 day ago

Brian Schatz

POTUS said we “need a good shutdown.” The OMB Director finds it “cool” to be in charge of the shutdown. The son say… https://t.co/0CGIcKJ4tv


1 day ago

#RT رتويت ومغرد سعودي

RT @shahmukesh012: @BB_BestLove @GoncaloValva10 @DE_SILVIA_T @CarlonetCarlo @EMMA_MIBB @V2_N_St0 @Sylpete @DanDolphin2 @_Fiel_Seguidor @nea…


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Clair card

@realDonaldTrump They didn’t cave in. They talked, negotiated and made a deal. They acted like grown ups instead of… https://t.co/7GZfbBFHFZ


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