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RT @ingridcarlqvist: "En riskfaktor som det talas tyst om ... är att brottslighet till viss del korrelerar med låg intelligens. Presterar m…


3 hours ago

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Charlie Kirk

Fact: A new pilot program to test the DNA of supposed family units coming to the border has revealed that 1/3 are… https://t.co/S43GbG1Ps0


1 day ago

David Frum

Trump's finances are the original "many secrets, no mysteries." He's up to his eyeballs in debt. His business partn… https://t.co/PnlZlz7lSq


6 hours ago

Adam Schiff

Trump has taken a series of steps to deliberately escalate tensions with Iran. The result is all too predictable… https://t.co/QFxFTc8ncB


1 day ago

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