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Gisela Reubens

@SteWenzel @SZ Vor allem wird kein seriöser Psychologe behaupten, dass der IQ-Test Intelligenz misst.


3 hours ago

LeSn 🏳‍🌈

RT @martina_kapunkt: @HerrTinnbart Mein Sohn wurde beim IQ-Test mit 3;1 Jahren gefragt, was nachts am Himmel leuchtet. Er hat gesagt „die S…


3 hours ago

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Hillary Clinton

I hope everyone has a chance to read @MichelleObama's wonderful new memoir, Becoming. Michelle's fierce intelligenc… https://t.co/1LGvLVB58P


1 day ago

Nicola Sturgeon

Indeed. PM’s approach would take Scotland out of the single market (despite our 62% remain vote) but leave us compe… https://t.co/4pC8apahZO


9 hours ago

jammin’ 🥳

RT @iamtheeeprince: *Study’s for test* Teacher: “If you studied you should get an A” *Opens test* https://t.co/T1x02un17a


just now

@heetkie Hello, moi baby. Thank you for your wishes! Why I should take a test on my precious birthday. 😔 Anyway, m… https://t.co/4xX80OhSI2


just now

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