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Chowkidar Anurag Thakur

Adding to his top 100 lies list👇🏼 https://t.co/9tIbNcHF- 9y


15 hours ago

anand mahindra

When the Nano was launched we were asked if we planned an entry-level car. We replied that our entry was Mahindra F… https://t.co/eVSsQhAVSS


1 day ago

Chowkidar Shobha Karandlaje

UNICEF accepts that Modi govt has reduced Child Malnutrition by 4% in just 2 years. PM Modi's national nutrition mi… https://t.co/qeizWNRQgN


1 day ago

Glala Gutam

RT @thesuniljain: The NCLAT has got it wrong: if RBI can’t force them to provision, banks can never be safe. NCLAT is straying into @RBI's…


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RT @maalan: 75 % மக்கள் மோடி ஆட்சி குறித்து திருப்தி தெரிவிக்கிறார்கள். 30% எதிர்பார்த்ததை விட சிற்ப்பாக செயல்பட்டார் என்றும், 45% பேர் செ…


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The New Yorker

In 2011, just as "Game of Thrones" was about to become a worldwide phenomenon, Emilia Clarke faced the first of two… https://t.co/yqhGNa6NWp


7 hours ago

Rachel Clarke

Dear @theresa_may, 🇪🇺 I’m not tired. 🇪🇺 I want to vote in the EU elections. 🇪🇺 I want a second referendum. 🇪🇺I w… https://t.co/xXqE1RVcOd


1 day ago

はろすた🌟🌸3/24 上海LV@新ピカ

「Googleマップが劣化した」不満の声が相次ぐ ゼンリン- との契約解除で日本地図データを自社製に変更か - ITmedia NEWS https://t.co/gtM8uolwwh 高速道路- に見慣れない表記が乗っかってるな...って思ったらそういう- ことだったのか...


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Jose Daniel Medina

RT @leonline2000: Rusia Retira su personal Diplomático de Venezuela hacia La Habana. Hace una Semana, EUA retiró su personal de la Embajada…


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