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Jeff Seldin

So far, though, "none of what we’re seeing is disinformation or misinformation" per @SecureDemocracy's Schafer "I’d… https://t.co/hADpcpFtgd


20 hours ago

Paul Joseph Watson

2020 so far... - Almost war with Iran. - Impeachment trial of President. - UK exits EU. - Global pandemic. - Globa… https://t.co/jRrPQr0rZs


2 days ago

National Interest

An Iranian cyber-attack on Israeli water infrastructure provoked a response from Jerusalem in May. Is this the star… https://t.co/zRSAgNYCMz


8 hours ago


RT @AbasAslani: #Iran’s Health Ministry spokesman @drjahanpur: Total #CoronaVirus cases in Iran are now 151,466 & number of deaths 7797. As…


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sophia feels chaotic ♡

RT @idisconnecteth: so far in the dystopia of 2020: - wildfires and floods in australia - ww3 scares including iran drone strikes and ball…


3 minutes ago

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Qasim Rashid for Congress

This is mandatory viewing. You won’t regret it. https://t.co/OSf0HyOtHU


1 day ago

Andy McCarthy

I just have one question after reading totally appropriate Flynn-Kislyak calls. Of the Obama officials who framed G… https://t.co/YiQ8lZTgCH


1 day ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Important. If you are at a demonstration and something doesn’t seem right, this could be why. Document it ⬇️ https://t.co/FcYuAQeWJV


19 hours ago

Real8BitHornet #endthelockdown moistly ☠️🍁⚔️

@truebluecanadi1 Reading @presscoreca's recent timeline, there is some interesting theory accompanied by some evide… https://t.co/Hu7M9uGqU8


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til⁷ 月 ʰᵃᵗᵉˢ ˢʰᵃˡⁱ #BLM

RT @hobious: List of bail funds if u want to donate: #BLACK_LIVES_MATTERS https://t.co/FW5GE54Kuf


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