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Dawn Foster

Hahaha. The Deputy leader of Norway's Progress far right party has stood down, after not telling the party he was g… https://t.co/XvWfKGpgyP


1 day ago

Fox News

.@AmbJohnBolton: “We want to put unprecedented pressure on the government of Iran to change its behavior, and so fa… https://t.co/uiP9dN6VX3


1 week ago

Joyce Karam

Trump has so far added Sanctions on -at least- : •Iran •Turkey •Russia •China- •North Korea •Pakistan •Syria •Venez… https://t.co/CMsgs1JCu3


4 days ago


RT @thorbjarnebore: PST-sjefen: Vi har eksempler fra alle avskygninger av politiske partier om at ting kan bli bedre. Det er ikke noe ekskl…


4 minutes ago


RT @RonanLTynan: #Turkey seems last hope and #Erdogan must stop #Assad #Putin and #Iran's Mullahs launching 'Final Solution' against civili…


32 minutes ago

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Rep. Joe Kennedy III

Trump Admin led by @BetsyDevosED would force defrauded servicemembers and veterans to choose between promising care… https://t.co/6IJ8uk92an


23 hours ago

Cyn Santana

Hey girl, if ur reading this girl, u are bomb girl! Sending positive vibrations your way girl!


17 hours ago

Bill Kristol

Why isn’t the White House NDA a public document, like the other forms government employees sign? What’s the legal j… https://t.co/tT8YR0HGHE


16 hours ago


RT @codeofvets: Good Morning America! Good Morning Veterans! Who is ready for this journey of awareness, unity and courage! It is time for…


6 seconds ago

Sabes Queso, The Saltier Side

RT @LushKitchen: Fancy joining the solution to #plasticpollution? By keeping the plastics we consume to a minimum and #reusing, we can make…


6 seconds ago