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Langham Partnership

Langham is built on three convictions. Conviction #2: "The people of God grow through the Word of God."… https://t.co/2ZowBWNJEz


1 day ago

Langham Partnership

'Langham helps Liberians go back to the Bible' - Matthew Gonkerwon says that b4 Langham Preaching came to #Liberia,… https://t.co/Bkx6hh4cWi


3 days ago

Langham Partnership

It's #ThrowbackThursday. At our Vision Day in Feb nearly 100 ppl were moved & inspired by talks about what Langham'… https://t.co/eRcTEFN7AU


4 days ago

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Mehdi Hasan

Did you know that 11 Christians are killed every single day around the world, on account of their faith? Many of th… https://t.co/fLjnBN4zmb


11 hours ago

New York Times World

In Sri Lanka, a Buddhist nationalist political force has agitated against minority Christians and Muslims, dismissi… https://t.co/UjkaOvoEnB


1 hour ago

Marcie 🌐 🕊

Sounds like you need to move areas more than anything, this isn't the case in the large majority of the western wor… https://t.co/75MnxqUjLU


just now

Make Orwell Fiction Again

@grahamemorris I am yet to see your condemnation of the Guatemalan government. Why is something outrageous and una… https://t.co/0lvD7i6LRI


just now

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