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Hunter Hayes

RT @HunterHayes: My friends over at @MetroLyrics have my handwritten lyrics for “Young Blood” up for grabs. Thanks y'all! https://t.co/rK97…


35 minutes ago

Chuck Plum

A police officer was one of multiple people shot at a Magisterial District Judges office in Fayette County, state p… https://t.co/cNQtePx7rF


13 hours ago

Richard White

@johngentile https://t.co/AC763NFvDH you know it baby !!!!🤪


13 hours ago


@NASA "Remember The Time" by Michael Jackson https://t.co/dHXklm9hC1


13 hours ago

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"Where Or When" by Diana Krall https://t.co/hXBHaUxkTc THE Christine Ford Blasey official theme song,


16 hours ago

klaatu barada nikto

@brandoonnl BOC once wrote a song about a vampire tattoo. Lyrics sites always get things wrong. The proper chorus f… https://t.co/HFSstume2R


1 day ago

After Hours Drunk Fed

No Paul, Ringo, & Johnny B. I don’t get your adult fascination of singing about someone who is 16 when you’re gross… https://t.co/3SpE70NJvT


1 day ago

Neil Sedaka

RT @juder001: I hadn’t thought of this @neilsedaka song, “The Immigrant”, in many years until I heard it again this morning. It is so rele…


1 day ago

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