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Gerri Dee wants an election!

@RobertBohan A delicacy found on in NI!!! A Belfast pastie with chips or a Pastie Bap!!! Deep frying you are rig… https://t.co/XKYGaLfTkl


6 minutes ago

IX Advenom

Creo que esto es lo mejor que he escrito en mi vida. Así, de mi para mi en mi opinion hacia mi mismo Hahahaha "Ae… https://t.co/l6rlmsP8x8


29 minutes ago

Lacey Starz

L.A glam boys, L.A Guns - Never Enough https://t.co/zKnJX2vYyF lyric; https://t.co/hSKjSXzA3G


48 minutes ago

Migrations to Solitude

"Heart Hotels" by Dan Fogelberg https://t.co/mD8aGrxpxR


3 hours ago

David Paguio III

@jussteeeeng https://t.co/5SbCMet1B4 ayan pare baka nahirapan ka pa


6 hours ago

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i are all we

looked again at lyrics of this song https://t.co/6tFozVmgwM and you can't convince me it wasn't written about Morro… https://t.co/ja5ihAaXA2


2 days ago


@bbusa617 I wonder if I'll be able to play this song proud and loud soon.....When the walls come tumblin' down, Whe… https://t.co/nD09jhra2W


2 days ago

DuckieWeb 🐥🕸🇺🇸🖖

Even back in 1949, soon after WWII this song was viewed with some scrutiny, but it was spot on then, and now.… https://t.co/LY3il5Jf99


2 days ago

LauraBeth Scibetta

Ok Facebookians, time for some fun. Which lyrics have you misheard over the years? I'm attaching a video so you wil… https://t.co/MkA8ib0OYC


3 days ago


Maybe the Libtards realised that the song mocks them... Don't want to be an American idiot One nation controlled b… https://t.co/cYYgI2c0Rl


4 days ago

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