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Reyanna Rice

@brianfraga Does that surprise you? Dolan & Cupich after all are the metropolitans first the regions where the fias… https://t.co/x8ifqSCLnP


1 hour ago

Brandon Richards

Mariners: 😭 Metropolitans: 1 (don’t have an NHL team yet so I can claim this) Seahawks: 1 Sonics/Celtics: 1/17 BYU… https://t.co/fCc9L27eGK


4 hours ago

Jeremiah 'Lights, Please' Lindsay🎄

@TylerPoslosky Find a Seattle Metropolitans jersey and then we might have something decent from the Pacific Northwest.


5 hours ago

Sandrine Arrestier

RT @ArnoLecomte: Pierre-Christophe Baguet, maire de Boulogne-Billancourt sur les Metropolitans 92 : «Je veux un truc de fou» - Basket - Jee…


7 hours ago

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