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António Guterres

The six years since 2015 have been the hottest on record. Last year, carbon dioxide concentrations rose to a new h… https://t.co/S0lvGWvrFw


12 hours ago

World Meteorological Organization

State of the Global Climate in 2020: One of the three warmest years on record 2015-2020 were six warmest years on r… https://t.co/GWNNMnnmWx


14 hours ago

United Nations

🌡2020 was 1 of 3 warmest years on record, with: 🧊ice sheets melting, 💧ocean heat at record levels, 🔥wildfires, 🌊flo… https://t.co/V7NsW4OX5F


13 hours ago


RT @rolf_hofsink: Wie heeft hier ooit van gehoord? 🤔https://t.co/59ZQX6UeZO


just now

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sonu sood

Today : Request for beds : 570 I could arrange just: 112 Requests for Remdesivir :1477 I could arrange just : 1… https://t.co/qKP4cYRNJm


15 hours ago

Gary Neville

This lot think they can sweep up £300m more each season than the other teams and then wander back on a Saturday and… https://t.co/QSjChHcoEH


1 day ago

西友 Seiyu

\毎日当たる!  西友サニー公式Twitterフォロー&a- mp;RTキャンペーン/ フォロー&RTで「Google Play ギフトコード 500円分」が 毎日300名様に当たる‼ 結果はその場です- ぐわかる‼ 📢参加方法 ①… https://t.co/DbrkmWsTh7


1 day ago