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Inger Andersen

Virtually every problem we face, can be traced back to the breakdown of our relationship with nature. It is time to… https://t.co/O9ZPxKy4wZ


2 days ago

Naciones Unidas

Un posible récord de temperaturas en la Antártida está acelerando el derretimiento de glaciares clave, como el Isla… https://t.co/vj3bM35sjk


1 week ago

Amit Bhawani

#RealmeX50Pro Hands-on ⚡5G + SD865 + 65W Beast⚡ Video in Hindi - https://t.co/cfTGDWvGpJ 🎬 Video in Gujarati -… https://t.co/6XMkcgT8DR


2 days ago


@FFXIV_Kunio 思い出補正含め同感ですwドット絵だったのがこんな綺麗に再現- されたらテンション上がりますよね!


33 seconds ago

9 minutes ago

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TLHR | ศูนย์​ทนายความ​เพื่อ​สิทธิ​มนุษยชน

18.15 น. ภาพผู้เข้าร่วมชุมนุมที่นั่งกั- นอย่างเนืองแน่น ขณะที่ผู้จัดงานปราศรัยโดยกล่า- ววิพากย์วิจารณ์คณะรัฐบาลชุดปั- จจุ… https://t.co/24NQb54Lsx


13 hours ago

Desi Banks

😂 How Hood Dudes Be When They Getting Ready To Play BasketBall Outside!😂🏀 https://t.co/UWG16xZRLP


1 day ago

Donald Trump Jr.

As I’ve been saying when is enough enough with Joe? He’s been running for 18 months and doesn’t know what he’s runn… https://t.co/TKqYTa0IAP


1 day ago


RT @JuampiMercado3: soy de la 18 y todavía no supero un carajo, pasa que esas cosas no se superan


just now

call me teeny 🍌

@fkinfairy @babygirl_avian @koaladad131 um well imma go to sleep and then i’ll fully make us a google doc 🥺 because… https://t.co/L0kieCYEYb


just now