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Brew Strong | Question and Answer Pt. 2 https://t.co/04JJs6XFqO https://t.co/acEzkblZPX


5 days ago

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Dana Loesch

The network that released secretly recorded FLOTUS tapes went to tell law enforcement on @JamesOKeefeIII because he… https://t.co/TKe2azKyhA


1 day ago

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸

.@Project_Veritas just exposed CNN as a *deliberate* propaganda network This is key


1 day ago


Now playing Hey, St. Peter by Flash And The Pan on https://t.co/ks29BLdVpf https://t.co/gdGPZ1seZ8


just now


RT @djsebz: An SA FM listener, Yanga got Hijacked his Audi Q7, an hour or so ago (License Plate : Bele WP), they also took his 3 year old…


just now

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