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@Mhambi_M Trump’s such a crook.


35 minutes ago

Mhambi Musonda 🌊🌊

Beto O'Rourke: "The only way we’re gonna get answers now is to move forward on impeachment. It’s the only way you c… https://t.co/FjpYUHRrdm


40 minutes ago

Mhambi Musonda 🌊🌊

WaPo: “President Trump has personally and repeatedly urged the head of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to award a… https://t.co/RADRSUorHs


48 minutes ago

Andrew Ferguson

@KatrokkJones @Mhambi_M She is one of my favorites!


1 hour ago

Mhambi Musonda 🌊🌊

RT @Jennifer__Brett: THREAD: Floyd Martin retires after nearly 35 years as a mailman tomorrow. I went with him on his route today. https://…


1 hour ago

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Donald J. Trump

Mitch McConnell and our Republican Senators have been very solid and strong. We have accomplished a great deal toge… https://t.co/1ycGCCPKMO


8 hours ago

Apple Music

.@NCTsmtown_127's NCT #127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN is here. “We're doing Korean songs as well, but everyone is singing a… https://t.co/fxFII5VDWt


7 hours ago

Subramanian Swamy

At this moment of glory of BJP's victory, I also feel the nation needs a clean, fearless, intelligent opposition fo… https://t.co/g6KeQRhSUk


5 hours ago


RT @AaronCarpenter: I have a confession.... I’ve never seen Game of Thrones....


just now

Fajarwati Adrias

RT @Achelooo: Dear netizen Indonesia yang saya kasihi, saya ingin mengklarifikasi soal berita yang beredar tentang pengancam yang ingin me…


just now

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