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Okuhle Mhambi

RT @rochemamabolo: You aren't stuck in traffic, you are the traffic. https://t.co/LycuxN8aYe


1 hour ago

Alice Herrig

RT @BaileyPittipat: @RepJoeKennedy @Mhambi_M He resisted. So must we. That is his legacy.


1 hour ago


@Mhambi_M @rjaviervasquez That was beautiful


2 hours ago


@TalbertSwan @Mhambi_M I find it disgusting that in 2019 we have to make that correlation. #Shame #BlackLivesMatters


2 hours ago

Mhambi Musonda 🌊🌊

RT @DeanObeidallah: "Born to a family of Southern sharecroppers and Baptist preachers, Mr. Cummings grew up in the racially fractured Balti…


2 hours ago

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Stephen King

What I noticed about that conference table pic? Only one woman in the room, and not a single person of color. If I… https://t.co/YPsg0HZACQ


4 hours ago

Official Charts

.@BTS_twt to release a new version of Map of the Soul: Persona album track Make It Right with a featured artist… https://t.co/g2vudF9xNw


6 hours ago

Jordi Borràs

Molt de compte amb la manifestació d'ultradreta convocada avui al vespre a la plaça d'Artós de Barcelona. Eviteu la… https://t.co/DosVNpgP09


3 hours ago


@CNN You know that's not a melt down that is just calling an orange and orange. Facts matter and @SpeakerPelosi is… https://t.co/8DD6n3hhnI


just now


After six months of a weird sort of limbo - done all my courses but still no degree - finally attended #RUConvo to… https://t.co/wZEWnAbmB9


just now

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