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Mark Follman

Reminder that it's very abnormal for a US president to personally attack individual people—and Trump does it nonsto… https://t.co/Qry94zBasg


1 day ago

Mark Follman

Trump Just Unleashed a Nasty New Lie About Barack Obama https://t.co/xnfQYZjNQb https://t.co/ixH1mUmYfW


18 hours ago

Mother Jones

Just before the election, millions of tweets from fake accounts pushed Russian content and fake news to help Trump https://t.co/H32XLd06SX


1 day ago


RT @MotherJones: John McCain condemns "half-baked spurious nationalism" at medal ceremony https://t.co/e8qoYmbfNd https://t.co/oVmcDymG9m


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Kelli Campbell

RT @jeremyschulman: Trump has walked away from Obama's efforts to help relocate America's climate refugees--great scoop from @kylamandel ht…


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Nick Jack Pappas

Men, Don't say you have a mother, a sister, a daughter... Say you have a father, a brother, a son who can do better. We all can. #MeToo


1 day ago

Dan Pfeiffer

This is not how you do journalism in the Twitter era. You have to call out the lie in the tweet. @axios is spreadin… https://t.co/AsZZOIrMA8


19 hours ago

David Frum

The day George W. Bush meekly accepted the rage of a grieving mother in a military hospital by @DanaPerino https://t.co/8o2SUwiaKB


20 hours ago

• lalaloopsy; MOVE

RT @krystalvideos: Mother Father Gentlemen ~ ❤️ — #Jungsis https://t.co/4rclIClytm


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Martha M Eddy

RT @KCITechnologies: From technology to governance, municipalities must overcome several challenges in order to become a #smartcity. https:…


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