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Mother Jones

Trump has reported holding 14 loans on 12 proper­ties. At least six of those loans—about $479 million in debt—are d… https://t.co/8fJn9oI4Mr


1 day ago

Mother Jones

Senate Democrats are proposing a permanent extension that would automatically adjust with changing economic conditi… https://t.co/oPt9w2OEvE


20 hours ago

David Corn

I could post this story every day. https://t.co/pttizHdv5G


20 hours ago

Impeachment him again!

RT @kbeccaandrews: Last year, I found out the story behind “Ole Miss,” and I got a little obsessed with how white supremacy hides itself i…


just now

Buddy Dek

The House Oversight Committee confirmed that Jared Kushner's Project Airbridge was a bust. #Inadequate… https://t.co/AbfowsxY4S


just now

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Ülgen Başbuğ

Adalet Aktaylı on Twitter: "Mother Jones – Smart, fearless journalism - https://t.co/CNSQvCmN26 @MotherJones" / Twi… https://t.co/zstIblEuDR


2 days ago

john merrick

Mother Jones – Smart, fearless journalism https://t.co/BcJ5TGIO9c


3 days ago

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