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Forging Better Tools for the Web: A Firefox DevTools Retrospective: https://t.co/6zFVQT4xjA https://t.co/lOEI7lcxxe


4 hours ago

Daniel Stenberg

Yo, friends at Apple. We can semi-reliably trigger a kernel panic and reboot on latest macos. Want to help? https://t.co/EoeELaCPhO


3 hours ago

Note to Self

Firefox users, here’s a small thing you can do for democracy today. Download @ProPublica’s plugin to collect politi… https://t.co/Ij0Dkxj4lD


1 week ago

Masahiko Takinami

私は ... なので Mozilla を支持します #mozmanifesto https://t.co/MrsK8ivwaJ


2 minutes ago

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