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Firefox 🦊🌍

Firefox Focus for Android just hit 1M downloads! 🎊 Y'all requested some new features, so we've added them! Get 'em… https://t.co/LGSgmnvzXU


4 days ago


100,000 people (& counting) are demanding internet-friendly copyright laws in the EU. Learn more about #paperstorm. https://t.co/ntYwvizbys


3 days ago

Ilya Grigorik

new MDN docs on <link rel=preload>: https://t.co/4f61Cj8Oj8 - also.. preload support shipping in FF56! woot. https://t.co/37MuAko380


3 days ago

Vanessa Marshall

RT @firefox: Cross-browser compatibility: it’s still a thing! https://t.co/u51ovb8ZqS https://t.co/NPPy84Pv6p


8 minutes ago

Edgar Overflow

Air Mozilla: Mozilla Weekly Project Meeting, 24 Jul 2017 https://t.co/HGGX1S25F8


10 minutes ago

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Myah Mejia

RT @dnisko: Internet for people, not for profit! #Mozilla


2 days ago

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