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@idklambert Promise! I love this city so much! I think one day I will send my resume to hotels here! I would love t… https://t.co/EXwt9Alm0e


23 minutes ago

Tracey Jones

Im so excited to be speaking at this conference #AVSA2019 in NZ 😆😆😆 Booked my flights and hotels - stopping over i… https://t.co/MpaiLEuKuG


22 hours ago

hillary ♡ not replying to dms rn 💗

@ur945 MYYY FLIGHTT ISS BOOKEEDDD 😩😩😩😩😩😩 also its kinda last minute 😂😂 i had tried suggesting another tour that wou… https://t.co/sVnW1tJsjH


3 days ago

Alain Saffel

@nadineryeg I am lucky my my wife was with me to push me to get out of bed every day. I feel bad that we didn’t exp… https://t.co/nKqTkcxpDM


4 days ago

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I sit strategically at Starbucks with my sign facing the front door, so everyone has to see me. Whenever someone c… https://t.co/vz4A5SLgWZ


1 day ago

प्रशान्त पटेल उमराव

Baghpat Maulana Imlaq Ur Rahman's claim of forcing to chant Jai Shri Ram proved false before police, FIR registered… https://t.co/9SBZVySIeh


1 day ago

Vikas Saraswat

A case was registered against this student by a Muslim from her locality. The defiant girl, an undergrad student, h… https://t.co/7Yx3tmTvRX


9 hours ago

🌊Linda Dominguez 🌊

@NancySinatra @essenviews I wonder if his racist and ignorant base are registered voters - I suspect not. With McC… https://t.co/E61pBBExPz


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