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Sharath Kuruganty

@Shpigford Happy to help if you have needs to build the LP! Here's what I did: https://t.co/QyeOcVTvwf


2 hours ago

Sharath Kuruganty

This is exactly where most of my no-code products fall in place. Finding signal from noise. Find them here:… https://t.co/ZoF0ER0IES


1 day ago

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Alberto Fernández

No quise dejar de venir hoy a la Facultad de Derecho de la UBA a tomar exámenes finales a mis alumnos y alumnas de… https://t.co/cFuMwuYoof


4 hours ago

Adam Schiff

Someday, our grandchildren will ask what we did in the face of a President who so blatantly abused his office and e… https://t.co/9BL8nybVVT


1 hour ago

Charlie Kirk

Fact: San Francisco just had to designate a special parking lot to house homeless people because the streets are t… https://t.co/De1R5rWiIt


2 hours ago

Hustler ❤️

RT @InnnYourDREAms: I kinda wanna be a completely different person this next decade. As far my health, my mindset, my goals, the people I a…


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