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Count Donkeybus🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿߷

I worked in stock control in tesco for many years. We put things to the front because it looks tidier, neater and… https://t.co/SviR4XvkLo


1 day ago

Shea Serrano

i can't believe i get to say this but: the tv show that we pitched and worked on just got a series order 😭😭😭😭 i wo… https://t.co/KMHWV1NBxB


22 hours ago

Matthew Cortland

I'm alive because of #Medicaid, @Sen_JoeManchin. Y'know what's actually not fair? That folks just like me are left… https://t.co/Zby7FX6tI5


19 hours ago

World of Crypto.tr

RT @dexonian: @gate_io @giuseppesep1914 @Polkadot @litentry Hey there again! We have traded some DMs here on Twitter and your people for Ga…


just now

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Louis Tomlinson

@LovingTommo28 This is amazing. What a legend. Smart little lad!


1 hour ago


[기사] #BTS Review – Charisma and Confidence from the World’s Biggest Pop Group https://t.co/RQKXPWakLz


3 hours ago

whitney medworth

omg iman shumpert just got a 40/40 on dancing with the stars. he's incredible. https://t.co/iA8uu8Wrda


13 hours ago

jea⁷ | ✙𓏴✙

RT @translatingTXT: 💛: my cold hands and feet are melting down with a single blow of words from delivery kai! thank you! 🐧: you have cold h…


just now


RT @CryptoWizardd: $FLOKI is the 3 biggest meme token and has a huge community. Bets on this 🏆🚀


just now

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