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2017 #BTS LIVE <THE WINGS TOUR - THE FINAL> Stage sketch More photos @ (https://t.co/Uv8Z0J1chA) https://t.co/22bY7lWPSG


1 day ago

Seth Abramson

ALL THE EVIDENCE collected by law enforcement and the media since 2016 indicates Trump is COMPROMISED by a hostile… https://t.co/TrlcuzL10l


17 hours ago

Donald Trump Jr.

This is #theresistance. These are their cheap tactics and lies. After taking her modest 33% commission, Lisa Bloom… https://t.co/8hxmI0lp3q


1 day ago

Marcia Rozenthal

RT @vintperformance: @TelAvivYonatan @journeydoug @jonlen1 @connnutmeg @USATrump45 @the_Impolitic @TamaHinckley @belkkathy512 @zigzagman2…


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Zara Zettira ZR

RT @YanuarSRT: @kalilangitan @zarazettirazr @BBCIndonesia Pemilihan kalimat yang kurang tepat bagi media sekelas @BBCIndonesia , ok klu mem…


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