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Donald J. Trump

Main Street is BOOMING thanks to our incredible TAX CUT and Reform law. "This shows small-business owners are more… https://t.co/gkJczuVCt6


15 hours ago


"when you put two and two together but that ain’t none of your business☕️" https://t.co/cbwiDyBRyv


9 hours ago

Cole M. Sprouse

@BillOReilly A bigger question: should young voters care about the opinions of balding men who value their trauma less than capital?


14 hours ago

Humanist Indian

RT @IndianExpress: Gitanjali Gems hits lower circuit; tanks over 56% in 6 days https://t.co/tTEOHOq3hx


just now

Maureen 🦊

RT @nytimes: Accounts describing the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as "crisis actors" or FBI plants had spread rapidly o…


just now

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