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Oliver Willis

united health ceo david wichmann makes $17 mill/year. him whining that reform could "disrupt" his business is like.… https://t.co/o9JMpmj9sn


1 week ago

Old Slugger

@nick_ayers Nick, look at this one. Almost like he invented insurance (instead of paying patriotic lobbyists to kee… https://t.co/moHcqTrpKw


4 hours ago

Heather Marcinko

@Trutrust003 @SezSullivan @JosephNSanberg @FoxBusiness @cvpayne https://t.co/6TcAWUzPYr


4 hours ago


@RoKhanna in 2017 their CEO took in a cool $17 Million in compensation - bet it's up going forward, since they too… https://t.co/SrpJ9T54Wf


9 hours ago

Melinda Tally

Power Plant Operations Manager Salaries in Monroe, LA by education, experience, Location and more -… https://t.co/MLGwVL0LNa


20 hours ago

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Leanne Manas

#Vodacom - 1GB Data costs R159 in SA, R108,55 in Lesotho and R40 in Nigeria. #MTN - 1GB Data costs R172 in SA, R50… https://t.co/IMyFb03Img


1 day ago

Kaya Jones

This man works until 2 AM & sleeps only 4 hrs. This man works for FREE, donating his salary quarterly to various d… https://t.co/5Qv4CxWsMN


1 day ago

NY AG James

BREAKING: We're launching an investigation into Facebook's unauthorized collection of 1.5M of their users’ email co… https://t.co/IhiYNfcwKG


9 hours ago


RT @wijaya_ento: Akibat salah entry data akhirnya Andik Vermansyah terpilih jadi Presiden. 😃😃 https://t.co/bw6S44W2gz


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