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Dr. Rhonda Patrick

High-intensity interval training (10 minutes of vigorous exercise over a 25-minute exercise period) reversed poor h… https://t.co/2jH9CESi3Y


8 hours ago


Meteor magnets in outer space: Finding elusive giant planets A team has discovered two Jupiter-sized planets about… https://t.co/os1rwX6nTJ


6 hours ago

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

People overate and gained more weight when given meals with processed ingredients (hydrogenated oils, HFCS, flavori… https://t.co/fMQacX1f4T


1 week ago


Drug-resistant infections:If you can't beat 'em, starve 'em, scientists find. Feed a virus, starve a bacteria?… https://t.co/tIjr3C3ojq


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Anxiety might be alleviated by regulating gut bacteria: Review of studies suggests a potentially useful link betwee… https://t.co/l68iMmNWWW


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Joseph Mattera

ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research news https://t.co/RbqJ4Etvbl


3 hours ago

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