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Niall Stanage

I would feel weird, for whatever reason, including the Twitter handles of the prominent Democrats and media people… https://t.co/ecFUEo3MWr


20 hours ago

Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong

Les comparto el dictamen de #GuardiaNacional con mando civil, que en acuerdo, votaremos en el Pleno del… https://t.co/uvStq1WHPx


1 hour ago

Ciro Gómez Leyva

Este es el documento aprobado en comisiones que pasará al pleno del Senado. Las modificaciones al proyecto original… https://t.co/fqJeGNUMAy


4 hours ago

¡ hey jessie !

RT @lmjrest: tem muito mais... aqui o site! https://t.co/PgMpHBAf0z


just now


RT @CiudadMCY: #Descarga y comparte nuestra edición especial de este jueves 21-02-2019 https://t.co/kDr0Vju56I #CiudadMCY #ComunicaciónPatr…


7 seconds ago

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Kitty | Team Ketterdam 🔪

I’ve been... completely demolishing my @Blackathon1 TBR 😮 I’m 6 books in and I’m running out of planned reads. Has… https://t.co/gdZxVHDWkY


5 days ago


@GeekishBook Scribd limits the amount of books you can read. When I had it, it would only allow me to listen to 2 audiobooks per month.


6 days ago

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