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Sherrilyn Ifill

Another piece that may have been missed. Kavanaugh had serious credibility issues long before Dr. Ford’s allegation… https://t.co/m5smmlaRZs


1 day ago

Maggie Haberman

"What I will say does bother me in this era is an idea that’s pushed by both the left and the right-both cable-news… https://t.co/rEUKdKXZMe


1 day ago


Female law students were reportedly told it was “not an accident” Kavanaugh’s clerks “looked like models”:… https://t.co/VG81DZ9uG2


13 hours ago

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Julia E. Ainsley

Breaking tonight: DHS announces rule blocking visas and green cards to immigrants on Medicaid, public housing, food… https://t.co/SzdoaBvewl


1 day ago

Tammy Bruce

This is clearly a charade. Ford’s own ‘witnesses’ have denied to Senate committee being at the party where she alle… https://t.co/rjtGuppDRl


1 day ago

Nicholas Fandos

Setback for Ford team: Leland Keyser, believed to have been identified as one of 5 people at the party, told the cm… https://t.co/JnzloepmJR


1 day ago

John Falat Jr

RT @FoxBusiness: Google employee discussions on altering search function after travel ban raise bias concerns https://t.co/GcO594OQwC


just now

Teresa Gaines -Ryan

Michelle Obama: I am sick of all the nastiness https://t.co/kKL4po- rlkW


just now

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