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Kashmir Hill

You pay a company ~$100/month for phone service. They are tracking everywhere you go and then selling it. But it do… https://t.co/eBSOVto1ME


1 day ago

Tom Steyer

Why are Democrats trying to figure out whether to tell the truth about our corrupt and lawless President? Don’t the… https://t.co/Px167Ra3ha


1 day ago

Max Boot

Beautiful article by @Yascha_Mounk on how liberals and conservatives are coming together to defend our democracy fr… https://t.co/rT9UzErLoP


6 hours ago


RT @Slate: A guide to the Philip Roth canon: https://t.co/oeOOblxhvH https://t.co/7eP1PoISg2


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Ibu Pertiwi

New Internal Memos Show White House Tried to Downplay Climate Research - Slate Magazine https://t.co/klRZLCCltr


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Kamala Harris

The domestic gag rule is an attack on our rights. The White House has no business deciding what a doctor or nurse c… https://t.co/4dPeGrjRwJ


1 day ago

Rob Reiner

Democracy is being dismantled in front of us. The fact that no Democrats are invited to the DOJ briefing on the FBI… https://t.co/rMoRpugnkS


1 day ago

Joy Reid

If you don't think Stacey Abrams can win the general, it's because you doubt that everyone who would vote for her w… https://t.co/HqilZgK18Y


1 day ago

Rufiz Hafizoglu

RT @AzerNewsAz: Some 15 agricultural parks to start operating in #Azerbaijan in 2018 https://t.co/eruyvTkvWF


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