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Shannon Watts

Lincoln Heights’ fight to move the Cincinnati Police Department gun range out of earshot; for 70 years, residents o… https://t.co/RhFCM8zalS


12 hours ago

Rudy Bouma 🧑‍💻🎦📺

Opnieuw twee onderzoeken waaruit blijkt dat mondkapjes helpen tegen Covid-19 besmettingen: op scholen in Arizona wa… https://t.co/OS7pl9MJRp


11 hours ago

Christina Cauterucci

In Lincoln Heights, a Black suburb of Cincinnati, the sound of police gunfire is as ever-present and unremarkable a… https://t.co/oAg3YNKWGc


12 hours ago

Tina Ellsworth, PhD (she/her)

If you really don’t tolerate racist materials, you can’t wait for users to flag them. https://t.co/ukIzIx6ru0 via @slate


just now

Gaye Sandstrom

RT @Slate: It feels like an out-of-town company coming in to dump toxic waste in their backyards—an insult no whiter or wealthier community…


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Dan Rather

One of the problems with how politics is covered is  many have forgotten that the purpose of politics is policy, as… https://t.co/8JDCvemm3w


1 day ago


Supporting the arts and minding the business that pays me https://t.co/qZGtb89hZi


1 day ago

اجعل هذا البلد آمنا

RT @maanaljizzani: عقود الفساد في وزارة الكهرباء: تحقيق يتحدث عن أسلوب عمل الميليشيات والاحزاب المستحوذة على مؤسسات الدولة العراقية. عباس…


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日経平均、自民総裁選に「フラッグ」が覆う重要変化の週に-チ- ャート https://t.co/xUDKIjOcvW @businessより


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Lia ✙⁵ ➳❥🐰🦊🐻🐿️🐧

RT @weverseofficial: [Weverse Magazine] The world and grammar of #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER On writing the lyrics for TOMORROW X TOGETHER by poet…


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