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Lisa Shannon

@Dark_Sunrise70 I know all his stuff. Amazingly he AND John Coltrane played together. Great ensemble playing. The… https://t.co/M6wjm2MKda


1 day ago

Noah Airé

I'll say this once... Turning Knobs is an important Skill set... It's as good as playing a guitar... If people beco… https://t.co/yQd7oJ5zj3


2 days ago

Valerie Peters

Guitarmetrics- Top Guitar Virtuosos of the World. https://t.co/XeNncwXSPY https://t.co/jMr92Vbisb


4 days ago

J Littles

RT @itslloydnotlyod: #Anima Holy forkballs! I am utterly transfixed. To have three virtuosos in one film is an overabundance of riches: Pau…


5 days ago

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Brad Parscale

What is the Dem solution for other countries being responsible for 90% of the world’s plastic waste? Punish Americ… https://t.co/eDY7sER6Ae


1 day ago

Major Surendra Poonia

अब यही सुनना बाक़ी रहा गया था😅 “May b Yudhishthira in Mahabharata had the image of Ashoka in mind when he renounced… https://t.co/1uZv4ekL2n


1 day ago

Dan Crenshaw

Two things can be true at once: 1. The #climatestrike is asking the wrong questions & proposing the wrong solution… https://t.co/HvRdYlMVU4


1 day ago

Sunil Kushavaha

RT @TheDeshBhakt: Not a jolly good fellow? 😲 https://t.co/7CpceZRARF


just now

Kumar Gaurav

RT @WeBankerss: *Statment of Piyush Goyal when Pvt Lobbyist batted for Privatization of PSU Banks.* 1. Private Banks have more scandals tod…


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