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The Barstow Prophets

Album update: yesterday we had two virtuosos in the studio. Michelle Packman on acoustic and electric cello (Eminem… https://t.co/llIz4595AY


3 hours ago

Crimson Tanager

@welcometothetc Yes, i loved his work and style . Him and Peter were both virtuosos in their own right and sometim… https://t.co/aCEdjgNBkr


1 week ago

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Candice Malcolm

This is a Toronto area police car, flying a Khalistani separatist flag. This is disgraceful. We should support… https://t.co/aSuqRbdJvQ


1 day ago

Narendra Modi

Sharing details about my closing remarks at the @NITIAayog Governing Council meet. Expressed my views on several is… https://t.co/51CLLGwGA2


1 day ago

Doug Jones

Ripping families apart at our border is contrary to our American values. As a first step to stop this cruel policy,… https://t.co/MBhFWDrTJH


1 day ago

Kathy Schark

RT @Sen_JoeManchin: I'm wholeheartedly opposed to any policy that allows innocent children to be separated from their parents. I'm signing…


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Lex Foster

RT @spectatorindex: Medical doctors per 1000 people Germany: 4.2 Argentina: 3.9 China: 3.6 France: 3.2 UK: 2.8 US: 2.5 Saudi: 2.5 Canada:…


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