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Reggae Artist Needed

RT @butumbaba: Just added myself to the http://t.co/DJWXQlb twitter directory under: #argentina #ska #reggae #dancehall #reggaelover #regg…


1 week ago

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Marshall Cohen

January 11, 2017 REPORTER: Did you or anyone in your campaign... have any contact with Russia leading up to or duri… https://t.co/ysHgKlmzjo


1 day ago

Ana Navarro

Hey, Individual 1, since reading comprehension is not your forté, please read this slowly: Russian nationals had c… https://t.co/GSdA9GpGkn


1 day ago

John Cleese

You can't run a decent democracy without reliable information The Briish Press has been voted the least trustworth… https://t.co/8blH3antxq


13 hours ago

alexxx v.✨✨

RT @pixiehussle: I don’t like being lied to. And the ‘absence of information’ is lying, period


just now

♔King Rafiq J Afridi♔

RT @UsmanAKBuzdar: Thanks to #PTISMT for all the support in projecting govt of Punjab activities on social media and especially Imran Ghaza…


just now

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