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Akshay Agarwal

@PiyushGoyal honorable commerce minister ...... sir...piyush goyal .... I would like to draw your attention towards… https://t.co/UbtJy7WKo9


2 days ago

Latest tweets mentioning “xt-Commerce – Ihr Start in den eCommerce – kostenlose Shopsoftware”

Money Man

No matter how high a bird fly he still gotta come to the ground to eat so don’t think u better den nobody cuz u up


1 day ago


Tenemos las DOS Nintendo Switch y el nuevo Pokemon. La gente de @HoyNoSeSale ha cumplido. Este MARTES, daremos lo… https://t.co/kyzPyH6NZI


1 day ago

Mimi Rocah

This is so outrageously inappropriate for an AG to be saying. You are the head of the DOJ for all Americans not jus… https://t.co/XKjDhdNaJl


16 hours ago


gotta start at the bottom to make it to the top.


just now

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