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Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH

India is in the throes of a horrendous COVID surge Horrendous They are struggling to get more people vaccinated… https://t.co/YOYKR6qux7


1 day ago

Apex Legends

There’s nowhere to hide this season, Legends. Ready to find out if you’re predator or prey? 🏹 Discover your true n… https://t.co/y2Hw8F6d1D


22 hours ago

Faheem Younus, MD

COVID tip: Infecting you via door knobs, foods, cell phones, dead bodies, groceries or other surfaces isn’t this v… https://t.co/tkEDbTTnKJ


1 day ago


Stop or my Mom will Brut #FilmsOrSongsThatSmell https://t.co/857dZunIFG


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Giáp Nghĩa

RT @BitScores: 💣Follow us & Retweet this tweet, Specify the ETH address in the tweet comment to get 1,000 #BIT ($1,000 worth) or 5,000 #BIT…


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Pastor West

Dear Lord, Today, thank You for all You do for me, for waking me up and pouring life into me. You gave me another… https://t.co/DLG7IoSMOP


1 day ago

Zachary Cohen

A US Capitol Police officer directed "all outside units" on the morning of January 6 via radio broadcast to only mo… https://t.co/fj1y0HiO5j


1 day ago

President Biden

We’ve officially passed 200 million shots since the start of our Administration. It’s a big milestone, but we still… https://t.co/V0NwmXNQIi


14 hours ago

Mihriban Dilovan ÇELİK

RT @AslBara59485098: Lütfen bu sese kulak verin artık! Hakkımız olanı istiyoruz.2020 Kpss'den derece yaptık ama düştüğümüz duruma bakın. Ge…


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@Save Myanmar|||

RT @mewUwUgulf: op said when when she first looked at them she saw right away that gulf liked p’mew 🤭 and she feels like p’mew has already…


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