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Blackbit digital Commerce GmbH

Kennt Ihr schon #xtCommerce 6 FREE? In unserem Blog verraten wir, was Ihr über die kostenlose Shop-Software wissen… https://t.co/VGLoJDgCV5


3 days ago

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watashi+ by shiseido

\2,010名さまに当たるっ❣️/      👧💞👧 A賞は #マジョマジョ、#インテグレート などのコスメセットを2⃣名分✨ お友達と一緒に #双子コーデ👯で冬のイベントを楽しもっ🎵 ①@wp_sh- iseidoをフォロー… https://t.co/EJBrey3zVk


19 hours ago

watashi+ by shiseido

\豪華プレゼントが毎日当たるっ❣/       🎄🎅⛄️ 🎁応募は簡単🎁 ①@wp_shiseidoを- フォロー ②本投稿をRT ③通知に結果が届く💕 コスメや- 手袋などが詰まった限定BOXを2人分プレゼント💝 冬のイベ- ントは… https://t.co/CgRY8JFuiy


1 day ago

Garry BUIDL Tan

Steve Jobs in 1990: Interpersonal networked computing (through great software and UX) will give rise to decentraliz… https://t.co/1A4yjzbEni


16 hours ago

Henry Senyondo

RT @gustavopinto: Have you ever wondered what students think about being exposed to OSS as part of a discipline? Our paper "Training Softwa…


just now

Gary Cohen

Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank Chooses Assurance Software to Help Ensure Resiliency https://t.co/LxHWU9Qgpg


just now

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