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Addis Standard

#Israel to dispatch medical team to aid in #Ethiopia's #COVID battle https://t.co/hZ7Wf4Rvhg The delegation include… https://t.co/2tvWyLsFCm


7 hours ago

Eli Dror

Divided and weakened, Fatah seems ready to nix #elections #Palestinians https://t.co/PgChKZTAjU


38 seconds ago

Faith Quintero

@Iochbessmonsta @SamuelLasker @DemMaj4Israel I think he means to acknowledge the context. This is an ugly response… https://t.co/iMuAfoFL1U


1 minute ago

Eli Dror

Can #Iran afford to walk away from #nuclear #talks? https://t.co/OVejAtdeZP


2 minutes ago


RT @Bobby_Global: 70/: Children in Israel will not be going to school without the vaccine 𝓖𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝓟𝖆𝖘𝖘. Educational institutions that would a…


26 minutes ago

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Rachel Maddow MSNBC

"It is the largest number of Russian diplomats ejected from a single country since President Ronald Reagan expelled… https://t.co/MrLBq03La9


19 hours ago

Secretary Pete Buttigieg

The cost of inaction is unacceptable. @POTUS is taking a bold stance to combat climate change, committing to a 50-5… https://t.co/JCypvjR5KO


17 hours ago

just now


RT @bits_basti: Hey Bubble! Wenn das der Weg ist, von der Politik wahrgenommen zu werden, dann lasst und das auch tun. Ich rufe dazu auf, 5…


just now

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