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Arsen Ostrovsky

Such fantastic news! Shuva Malka, 18-year-old #Israeli high school student wounded in a terror stabbing attack in… https://t.co/xtFVl12vEu


4 hours ago

Adam Milstein

#Israeli Shin Bet busted large #Hamas Terror cell planning #Jerusalem and Tel Aviv bombings. Over 20 Nablus-area re… https://t.co/JAktmUtAo9


10 hours ago


Netanyahu meets with Muslim leader from Indonesia, talks future progress between the two countries. https://t.co/RuxllSS4iZ


1 day ago

Siv Samuelson

RT @svart0vitt: Den israeliska underrättelsetjänsten har avvärjt över 250 terrorattacker sedan början på 2018. Låt den siffran sjunka in. I…


2 minutes ago

(((LIBERALOTE))) 🐮🌱🌽🍋🐍

RT @danilerer: Esto no te lo cuentan los Periodistas de Internacionales: Israel detuvo a una célula de Hamas y frustra un complot para ata…


3 minutes ago

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Benjamin Wittes

I don't want to distract from anyone's outrage over family separations, but don't miss this piece from the very wis… https://t.co/ijjIRJT3CR


10 hours ago

Michael D. Shear

No matter what @realDonaldTrump says, his administration has made a choice to separate children at the border. For… https://t.co/VIW7nNyovp


1 day ago

Joyce Alene

Explain this story then. This woman was deported without her son after they were separated. https://t.co/XNV1TDa4W1 https://t.co/B5GXE46OgX


2 hours ago

美人時計bot・What's time

今何時?・いつも素敵な9人の美人が時間を教えてくれるよ!気- に入ったらリツイートね♡-30・今何時?⇒ https:/- /t.co/IgRNRMzqxn


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