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Not Your Child Corp.

FACT: Young drivers travel in packs! Wouldn't you feel better knowing the car your child's in-is armed with this de… https://t.co/UEwuOyAlQc


7 hours ago

Helen Dighton

RT @insight_signs: Know a learner or newly qualified driver? Stuck for #Christmas gift ideas? Then Insight is the perfect gift. Sold with b…


12 hours ago

Young Driver

Gift ideas for teens that will drag them off the sofa this Christmas by @ActuallyMummy https://t.co/G8RGJFXBRn https://t.co/2GZhUN3Hyo


14 hours ago

Not Your Child Corp.

Other Parents Will Thank You! PROTECT YOUR CHILD & THEIR PASSENGERS. It's the right thing to do! Why wait for a tr… https://t.co/ZdgEQ8nBYw


15 hours ago


Is your car battery in perfect health or about to cough, splutter, and snuff it? Find out via my video.… https://t.co/vuLNtJNRuy


15 hours ago

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Amit Shah

As the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 passes in the Parliament, the dreams of crores of deprived & victimised peop… https://t.co/Fk176CDEaP


17 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

7 Democrats just stood on stage To introduce 2 articles of impeachment Over 8 meaningless lines in a phone call… https://t.co/WTmNaEy3Bw


1 day ago

Bernie Sanders

Young people are ready for a political revolution. https://t.co/g2lr36ZTdr


1 day ago

レオ◢ │⁴⁶

RT @nakajimakun_46: ひぃ ひぃ ふぅー☺️ ひぃ ひぃ ふぅー☺️ ひぃ ひぃ ふぅー☺️ https://t.co/TCveKcxaBq


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RT @IvanPentchoukov: Spring 2016: Comey and McCabe tell Loretta Lynch that Russian intelligence is reportedly interested in Carter Page's a…


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