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Young Driver

Grey is Britain's most popular new car colour for 2019. What's your favourite colour car? 💙💚💛💜💗… https://t.co/NHXH1RhCfo


7 hours ago

Insight Signs

According to a Kwik Fit study, just a quarter of drivers can correctly identify the legal minimum tread depth for c… https://t.co/hKoHb2Bsjt


11 hours ago


RT @youngdriver: Drivers face £1,000 fine and 3 points for hanging air fresheners on their mirror https://t.co/1H7XxDCoZ9 https://t.co/xyKy…


11 hours ago

Young Driver

Drivers face £1,000 fine and 3 points for hanging air fresheners on their mirror https://t.co/1H7XxDCoZ9 https://t.co/xyKyzLMhSq


14 hours ago

CBIT Sam Jarvis

RT @ClinNeuroPsych: Have you heard about @youngdriver - driving lessons for 5-17 year olds!! Expertise working with people with a disabilit…


17 hours ago

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Crew Dragon separating from Falcon 9 during today’s test, which verified the spacecraft’s ability to carry astronau… https://t.co/a8JPWtA9SE


1 day ago

Bill Nye

Young TSA guy just asked me, “Is Earth round or flat?” He was completely serious. I pointed out that Mars & the Moo… https://t.co/L3LmhAG1TR


1 day ago

Rudy Giuliani

“It wasn’t just 2016. It was going on for years under Obama. I have those facts, I have those witnesses, I have doc… https://t.co/SO2ItgK0PR


10 hours ago

Maisee Thao

RT @McMainsDmac: It’s been a good decade for Bay Area sports fans. 2010 - World Series 2012 - World Series 2013 - Super Bowl 2014 - World…


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Mike Lowery

@Ziggysera Only as a teenager or young 20-year-old something would I even see the humor in this, but most men are s… https://t.co/R2NB4etyqt


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