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Katie Hopkins

Why are idiots being allowed to wantonly damage the green at Trinity College, Cambridge? What if a bunch of footba… https://t.co/glL8EbZRJo


1 day ago

DW News

EXCLUSIVE: China is tracking every movement of its Uighur minority to find reasons to detain them, a leaked documen… https://t.co/cuQiA2BDAT


1 day ago

Bernie Sanders

This is the richest country on Earth. Our people should not have to beg for money on GoFundMe to pay for cancer tr… https://t.co/qTO6nq4QW4


1 day ago

hannah 👩🏼‍💻✨

RT @loveIybabe: if we break up or stop being friends, just know that ur secrets are safe with me regardless of anything that happens


just now


RT @SimonPGrindrod: The ANC MP who publicly implied that Julius Malema abuses his wife possibly did not anticipate the verbal hurricane he…


just now

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