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Ads of the World™

Watch the @Downy @unstopables ad by @GreyNewYork: Still Fresh https://t.co/6byNrqGRtF https://t.co/CZakjDjJO0


22 minutes ago

Leticia Cazares

RT @adsoftheworld: See IKEA's lovely Christmas spot by stv DDB, Milan, Italy: https://t.co/G21nPF2jm2 https://t.co/hn6MjymLFX


49 minutes ago

Ads of the World™

Learn more about the @Spotify outdoor ad: David Bowie is Here https://t.co/9rx8hUgZEA https://t.co/CitOQ2GDGo


1 hour ago


RT @adsoftheworld: Learn more about @centerparcs new outdoor ad by @Ogilvy, Netherlands: Rain Billboard https://t.co/lHqJ2OkvnP https://t.c…


1 hour ago

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Daniel Dale

How much lying did Donald Trump do in the run-up to the midterms? He made 815 false claims in one month. EIGHT HUN… https://t.co/eFIizwJoNU


1 day ago

Donald J. Trump

The White House is running very smoothly and the results for our Nation are obviously very good. We are the envy of… https://t.co/KGB3KYwI3C


1 day ago

Dan Pfeiffer

I am very sympathetic to the desire for a new generation of Democratic leaders, but the main argument against Pelos… https://t.co/WfkrUVPJI4


1 day ago

AddictedToJR ☘️

RT @anhoptimushwang: @JRie_World I love Jonghyunie because of his responsibility and his love for his member, ㄴㅇㅅㅌ. He smiles very very bea…


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