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Patrik [No C] Walker

Garrett swung the helmet at Rudolph's head. He's done. NFL might drop the entire hammer on him. The only question… https://t.co/KypFu09v08


1 day ago

Jeff Benjamin

Wow. Unusual and also very open about to show what's going on. Also her bringing up The Carlyle Group shows how pri… https://t.co/DsZkIBBYl7


2 days ago

Michael Benson

Had the chance to tour the new @EKUCampusRec Center before @EKUFootball today. Wow. This is a game changer for our… https://t.co/3RNIiyIHKf


4 hours ago

Vaping Adrenochrome with Barron

@helenstaniland @goodfellowrobn @FeralHog420 @ForwomenScot @donttrythis Wow I'm sure no one has ever said that abou… https://t.co/BwLA2diPvz


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@tubirfess iya kak wow km hebat banget ga kecuci otak sama media, open minded bgt yaaa ak salut. ...udah kak edgynya?


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Karim Benzema

Noël je croyais que vous n’interfériez pas dans les décisions du sélectionneur!Sachez que c’est moi et moi seul qui… https://t.co/WBYDatjjRf


9 hours ago

Bradley Will Simpson

Outrageous, for someone to pour everything into their art and have someone else put a stop to them performing those… https://t.co/Ss3tdaBqau


1 day ago


🎁 #Concours Aujourd'hui sort Pokemon Épée et Pokemon Bouclier ➡️https://t.co/wT2Zq- JHdy4 ⚡️Pour tenter de remporte… https://t.co/dB3pcj9aiK


1 day ago


RT @badxpeste_: Mais vous vous prenez pour qui enft ?? https://t.co/FdXJHOBPAZ


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Asura 👹

RT @biiinnkss: Ceux qui FAV uniquement les tweet vous êtes les pires sachez le https://t.co/29vflbnQGl


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