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Mark Curtis

My new book, the updated *Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam*, is released on 4 January. It c… https://t.co/H1BFWRBemK


1 day ago


Why not spend the weekend curled up with Christian? Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as told by Christian 99p in ebook, r… https://t.co/5mL8gRSOTV


9 hours ago

Giles Paley-Phillips

It's nearly Christmas and I wrote a book to celebrate, might be a good one to read on Christmas eve to your little… https://t.co/KaRPEuXjn6


1 day ago


RT @LinkedSupply: Wash Down Gun Dinga'Style Used Commonly In #Abatoirs and #food prep places #farms Check This Out https://t.co/f401mvVQO…


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David Fahrenthold

The @nytimes has a great scoop that the Trump name is coming off Trump SoHo hotel. One part of its decline: pro spo… https://t.co/3Hf5Kc2Woy


1 day ago

Matt Haig

So. It is 33 days till Christmas. Here are 3 books. I wrote them to cheer myself up. I hope they cheer you up. They… https://t.co/iDXZuB3AYv


1 day ago

Darren Rovell

Washington State’s Mike Leach continues to be the best quote in sports. His answer to a reporter who asked for marr… https://t.co/JqiP4flTSI


1 day ago


RT @gocketreen: Millennial subgroups by age 30+ discussing Marvel vs DC on their deathbeds 25-30 likable, well balanced, had the best meme…


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What's some good books to read? 👀 I gotta get back on it.


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