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Jenna Mathews⁰⁶ (Alvin 2.0 Fan)

I cannot wait to complete this so I can transfer it to fanfiction .net


46 minutes ago

We Solemnly Swear

Avaliable on Fanfiction .net https://t.co/nhdgqTYEFs


7 hours ago


The one thing I hate about Guest reviewers on Fanfiction .net are the ones who spams long essays about something ra… https://t.co/ZipJ5R7WJr


19 hours ago

Alexis is lost

I’m 👌🏻 this close to deleting all the fanfics on my fanfiction .net account


1 day ago

felix / trans rights. BLM.

should i post something better to fanfiction .net and/or wattpad too?


1 day ago

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Jesse McLaren

After Clinton's reelection in 1996 my church told me the world was ending in a few years because the president is a… https://t.co/G5TMuNpW2O


4 days ago

Loey ✨𓆏

People are writing fanfiction about Corpse and I’m scared


1 week ago

Comic Book Resources

Avatar: The Legend of Abioye Fanfiction Imagines the Next Avatar In a Brand New Nation https://t.co/In9uOyaJ21 https://t.co/gGJeS4BMT0


3 days ago


RT @celineorelse: It's only very recently that theres been a backlash within certain fandom communities about "problematic content", as if…


56 seconds ago

Yineidi ✨

RT @Holland_Tiffin: "Your SO asks you to act out your own fanfiction" H: I'm not your monkey 🐒 Lol I can't with him. Jo's laugh tho. He's…


57 seconds ago

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