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Kamala Harris

I want to be very clear about what the stakes of this Supreme Court fight are: had the Supreme Court under the lead… https://t.co/NOlLxguIXV


10 hours ago

Quite Interesting

Even after controlling for such factors as income, education and wealth, people who read books live longer than those who don't.


6 hours ago

Andrew Johns

@bgshedden @JustinTrudeau Because a care about how my tax dollars are spent. Health care, education, law enforcemen… https://t.co/IuPeYzkSvF


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Salty Mashdown

RT @rasmansa: "If you don't like minimum wage, just get an education and get a better job" - More education costs 10s of thousands. - Ther…


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Ted Lieu

As former prosecutors, @RepKathleenRice & I called on the @FBI earlier this year to investigate the payment to sile… https://t.co/TCFyb2IDBu


11 hours ago

Lawrence O'Donnell

There's nothing some members of Congress hate more than the lifestyle they'd have to accept by living on their $174… https://t.co/muMNORhfsS


1 day ago

Scott Dworkin

Cohen’s tape is proof Trump was directly involved in a campaign finance felony. He must resign immediately. No one’… https://t.co/LNWia6dmHQ


11 hours ago

Ticker Report

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. $EFII Expected to Announce Quarterly Sales of $264.11 Million https://t.co/fG4wifCtyN


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Ticker Report

$140.85 Million in Sales Expected for Chesapeake Utilities Co. $CPK This Quarter https://t.co/HqjhjgUxmY


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