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Evan Solomon

Facts vs Spin: The original editorial published Wed Jan 9. On Jan 10th, all major Canadian media plus The New York… https://t.co/UqWcVN1QSX


3 hours ago

Michelle Rempel

Trudeau has allowed nearly 40,000 people to illegally enter Canada and claim asylum after having reached the safety… https://t.co/FXcUnCyLx0


3 days ago

Ezra Levant 🍁

Nine weeks of street protests. Approval rating at 21%. Macron’s palace guard using live ammunition against non-vi… https://t.co/WLTI2vhyEH


4 days ago


@aldanger79 @DoorDash @DoorDash_Help Hope this got resolved for you.. consider this huge issue for next time though… https://t.co/ycs4cLYgx0


just now

Latest tweets mentioning “Google”

Charlie Kirk

No one supports rigging any polls However, what is the penalty for Google rigging search results in favor of liber… https://t.co/h0huUrMGEN


4 hours ago

Donald Trump Jr.

Wow. If true seems quite contrary to his congressional testimony. ‘THE SMOKING GUN’: Google Manipulated YouTube S… https://t.co/1RTUgfYEVj


1 day ago

Donald Trump Jr.

The liberal BS never ends!!! Now they’re attacking “family” Exclusive: How The Word ‘Family’ Triggered A Meltdown A… https://t.co/VGF6ulEoaX


21 hours ago


RT @TastyTK: So I found this on Google Maps https://t.co/dz7PWaiOrF


just now

Zai.🐼 BTS 💜

RT @Hope_World20: Esta soy yo buscando en Google la manera más rápida y eficaz de conseguir dinero para el Tour sin tener que vender un órg…


just now

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