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Monsters and Critics

Rapper Post Malone joins Zak Bagans on Ghost Adventures as they lockdown at the Slaughter House @PostMalone… https://t.co/jdlFh0dfsz


1 week ago

D Sutherland

RT @Para_Mystery: I just watched this episode. I’m so glad they have found something of significance! #CurseOfOakIsland https://t.co/AYSmAu…


29 minutes ago

April Neale

Make sure to see Charles Pol help dad @DrPol on the Birth, Wind & Fire episode https://t.co/0TUERMH6Lh https://t.co/DPgczhGkte


1 hour ago

April Neale

Tonight do not miss @JennyPellicer who lights up #CocaineGodmother @lifetimetv with #CatherineZetaJones… https://t.co/iJoZseoaMS


1 hour ago

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The Hill

JUST IN: #TrumpShutdown becomes top trending hashtag worldwide https://t.co/BWueU16Sbw https://t.co/uEpT2wI6BZ


19 hours ago

Dave Joyce

Great news! Our efforts to #ReleaseTheMemo have been effective and the HPSIC plans to begin the process to release… https://t.co/n1zXgO3aVt


5 hours ago

Senate Republicans

The #SchumerShutdown Clock https://t.co/CDrxSmBK6W


18 hours ago


RT @Shower_Capy: You had the opportunity to use a Will Smith GIF from a movie called "Wild Wild West" ...and you went with iRobot https://t…


just now


RT @thetvjp: シソンヌ・じろう「卒業バカメンタリー」を語る!出演者の熱演- に感激『こんな作品に…』 https://t.co/L11kUUhg72 #ジャニーズ #お笑い #シソンヌ #じろう #藤井流星 #濵田崇裕 #ジャニーズWEST #卒業バカメンタリー #日本…


just now

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