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Hotluzi Bangalore escorts

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Cry Baby

💕Snippet of “Show & Tell” off K-12! 💕 “Why is it so hard to see? If I cut myself I would bleed. I’m just like you,… https://t.co/kyBMYfAIHA


10 hours ago

Adam Schiff

Twitter and Facebook announced they found and removed a large network of Chinese government-backed accounts spreadi… https://t.co/tQ9wutoofS


7 hours ago

Dalai Lama

Reports of suffering are upsetting, but it's a mistake to think we can do nothing about it. Many problems we face a… https://t.co/O15P8w2Qrw


22 hours ago


RT @chartdata: Top 10 on this week's Social 50: 1. @BTS_twt (140th week at #1) 2. @x1official101 3. @pledis_17 4. @lalioficial 5. @Offic…


just now


RT @leGneral2: 💥📽 Une bande de LA BAC sème la terreur à #toulouse en frappant et jetant à terre les photographes, les medics, les femmes, l…


just now

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