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Elena radillo

How Long Should You Wash Your Hands To Kill Germs? #handsanitizer https://t.co/GUX3ZrPkrr https://t.co/o4TopUayWw


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Linda Hunkins Chaney

Found these healthy eating tips: https://t.co/DF96LkpJ5o https://t.co/hwgVIep5Bd


49 minutes ago

Julie Han

Having a hard and fast food cut-off time may seem rigid to most but it is necessary. https://t.co/aGNrpKI9cG https://t.co/OvGIEeTnfl


55 minutes ago

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Jennifer Gunter

$600 for my son who lived about 3 minutes. He received no medical care. At all. As he died almost immediately he di… https://t.co/FjaSHqTikd


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

Bernie Sanders just called for a complete ban on deportations America has: 22 million illegal aliens Up to 1 mil… https://t.co/Y90rCalUkX


1 day ago


Q10: Lastly, what is your advice to educators currently teaching literacy, numeracy & basic skills? #hundredchat… https://t.co/rrb6WmCv4m


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