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USA Pears

Who says apples and pears don’t get along?! We love this fabulously simple pie recipe from @thepioneerwoman! https://t.- co/vcxiaHuaDP


10 hours ago

que pedo

@iamthebaby1 https://t.co/Khhn8OFkEi


12 hours ago

Ryan, Perdido en TX

@Division_by0 @Power_Queer @Rozb7aleeb You poach that one? Didn’t realize I was tweeting with https://t.co/bffvDg2bFg.


16 hours ago


Best Pot Roast Recipe - How to Make Classic Chuck Roast in the Oven https://t.co/YjKu3VmPIy


20 hours ago

ColinT is ManiacalV

@urbansimian @thepioneerwoman It's EVIL and delicious and evil. And evil. Did I mention delicious? https://t.co/qVVg- g2ZmlX


1 day ago

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Joe Biden

Beau Biden was not a loser. https://t.co/hwzlZrjh75


3 hours ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Donald Trump is a white supremacist. People have been warning about this for a long time. They were ridiculed, ca… https://t.co/wB6LZoXdoZ


2 hours ago

Joe Biden

You heard a lot come out of President Trump’s mouth. Can you name one thing he said to actually make your life better?


2 hours ago

Kevin Jones

@Politics_Polls @gtconway3d @YouGovAmerica @CBSNewsPoll Trump got beat like a dog (trump’s favorite put down) #TrumpSchoolRecords


just now

Wise Man

RT @HuaweiKenya: Only Two days to go until the Huawei & @KenyaBankers EAST Africa FSI Summit Online 2020 Date: Wednesday, 30th Sept. 10:00…


just now

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